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62 ways to help the homeless shelters in 

rockland county

each item you donate goes to people

who need it the most!

62 items to donate to the shelters of rockland county

Due to the global pandemic, we are not collecting items until further notice. 

Our Rockland County shelters can always use extra items for the people they host and support. If you want to make a donation and unclutter your home from things that you don't use anymore, contact us now at

Help Tender Steps of New York, Inc. support our Rockland County shelters and build a better future for the people they need it the most. Here's what you could contribute- NEW:

  1. Socks

  2. Shoes

  3. Blankets

  4. Personal care items

  5. First aid items

  6. Diapers

  7. School supplies

  8. Clothes

  9. Towels

  10. Toilet Paper

  11. Underwear

  12. Neosporin

  13. Cortisone Cream

  14. Cotton Swabs

  15. Listerine

  16. Razors

  17. Nail Clippers

  18. Baby Wipes

  19. Feminine hygiene products

  20. Anti-diarrhea tablets

  21. Batteries (AAA, AA, D)                                           

  22. Utility/Emergency Candles

  23. Flashlights & Matches                

  24. Bbookmarks

  25. Underwear  

  26. Zip-Lock bags

  27. Garbage bags

  28. Deodorant                              

  29. Sewing kits

  30. Tents

  31. Combs & brushes

  32. Small lanterns with batteries   

  33. Ready-to-eat food

  34. Bottled water

  35. Travel size soaps, shampoos   

  36. Bras

  37. ajamas

  38. Bus passes and gas cards

  39. Pencils

  40. Notebooks

  41. Erasers

  42. Sturdy backpacks

  43. Sturdy bag (Large bags with some integrity and strong stitching)

  44. Boxes to easily carry goods

  45. Dishwasher detergent

  46. Disposable cutlery

  47. New drinking glasses

  48. Foil and plastic wrap

  49. Sandwich and storage bags (gallon and quart)

  50. Freezer bags

  51. New plastic storage containers (like Tupperware)

  52. Coffee, coffee creamer, tea

  53. All purpose cleaners

  54. Lysol spray

  55. White vinegar

  56. Disposable gloves including non latex

  57. Bleach

  58. Laundry Baskets

  59. Spray bottles

  60. Juice (bottles or boxes)

  61. Gift cards for Family Activities

  62. Umbrellas

Can you help?

Please contact us using the following email form:

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