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Awards & Testimonials

Read real testimonials from our community partners


Vice-President of the Board of The Susan G. & Edmund W. Gordon Community Partnership

I have found Ms. Bautista-Miller to be an extremely competent and compassionate social worker and advocate for children's rights. I have seen her involved within the community and she works well with children and families as she was extremely diligent and professional throughout.

Co-Founder & Leader of Strong East Ramapo

Evelyn has been a real champion for the children of East Ramapo. On more than one occasion, she has offered translation services at public events. Her volunteer efforts to advocate for district improvement have literally given voice to hundreds of underrepresented and disenfranchised families.

Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Rockland Community College

Maya Angelou was quoted as saying 'History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.' Evelyn is a true community partner who has the courage and commitment to change lives which will change the world in Rockland County.

It was a pleasure to work with Evelyn Bautista-Miller during the early life stages of Tender Steps of New York, Inc. Her passion to strengthen underserved children and families in New York's communities exuded through our conversations. Her positive energy is contagious and inspirational. Anyone who has been fortunate to work with Ms. Bautista-Miller in any capacity can attest to her strong determination to provide the best services possible to individuals who needs them the most.

CEO of Visionary Impact Group, Inc.

Rockland County School Health Coordinator

Ms. Bautista-Miller is a welcome member of the Rockland County School Health and Wellness Coalition steering committee. We all benefit from her deep understanding of the needs of the community and of the collaborative process. She demonstrates her dedication to improving the lives of children and families everyday by effectively working with others to share her message and expand her reach.

Working with Evelyn Bautista-Miller and the wonderful staff from Tender Steps of New York has been an absolute pleasure. Their willingness and enthusiasm to collaborate on our creative and scholarship initiatives connected to our independent feature film project, The Hudson Tribes, has been truly invaluable. With the support of Tender Steps of N.Y., and their vast network, LPZ Media and LUL Foundation had the opportunity to directly connect with community stakeholders and residents in a manner that would not have been likely, were we to do it alone.  Additionally, in collaboration with Tender Steps of N.Y., we were able to create and provide a number of academic scholarships to graduating seniors from the East Ramapo School District.  LPZ Media's partnership with Tender Steps of N.Y. has been wonderfully fruitful, and one that I am confident will continue for many years to come.

Executive Producer, LPZ Media

When faced with an issue with our children we sometimes don't know where to turn. With some research we were able to find Mrs. Bautista-Miller who was able to sit our family down and try to find the best outcome for all in the family. We had two productive meetings that helped us come to a clear understanding of what were the next steps. Evelyn shows dedication, passion and much interest in the future of our children and community. Our family didn't have a lot of money and Tender Steps thankfully was a free service program and allowed us to meet and talk about the issues at hand. Coming to the table with a blended family at times can be difficult, but she sat down with all of us and was able to help guide us through the process of fixing what was troubling us. The follow up was even amazing, Evelyn reached out to my husband and myself on numerous occasions to see how things were going and if we needed any other help. I would recommend her to everyone I know. She is a delight to work with and shows true care in what she does. I thank Evelyn and Tender Steps for all they do, not only for my family but for all the families in need.


Evelyn Bautista Miller has been a Certified EPIC (Every Person Influences Children) Facilitator for more than 8 years. She is the ultimate example of a professional, capable, caring and committed community member.  Evelyn has given of her time freely over the years to bring our parenting programs to the non-English speaking community. Evelyn is able to connect with all of our parents whether they are teen moms or parents of teens! She relates to all with passion and dedication. We hold her in high esteem and value her willingness to serve our families in East Ramapo.

EPIC (Every Person Influences Children)
Central Hudson Regional Director

My name is Shanequa and I lived in The Rockland Family Shelter with my two daughters for two months.  This was due to being a victim of a house fire and I lost everything.  This was a very traumatic time in my life where I felt that I was unable to stop and think for myself.  It was nonstop in providing for my children and having to do the things to deal with this tragedy.  There was no time to reflect, process or even try to get myself together; in properly dealing with this tragedy. That is where TSONY, Inc. came into my life.  While residing in Pomona Family Shelter, it was mandated that residents attend these one hour a week parenting program.  At first, I was not happy as I had been through a lot already and this was just one more thing that I had no choice but to comply with.  There are quite a few rules while living in a shelter and some of them can be challenging.  As I waited to meet the facilitator of TSONY, Inc. that was contracted by EPIC, I was anxious to just get the meeting over with. During the workshops, TSONY provided me with some great tools and strategies on how to have better relationships with my daughters and how to be a better parent.  What was interesting about it is, she empowered me to know my worth and to really believe in myself.  I really enjoyed Evelyn's spirit and her approach as she continued to show patience while working with our group. She was very understanding and supportive and she personally offered me lots of pointers and ideas for myself as well as my family.  I have benefited from the workshops; as there were times that I felt helpless and defeated.  Evelyn was there to cheer me on and to help build me back up.  We need more people like her around and in this world.  Evelyn has a very big heart in that little body and she has a very bright personality! Evelyn's creative and bubbly character has helped me appreciate life and to embrace the way it evolves.  She has such a beautiful soul and because of her, I am able to always see the optimistic side of things so that my life with my children can be a special one.  After 3 months, I was able to get an apartment with my 3 daughters and although I have not been able to secure a job, I am faithful and grateful that my daughters are doing well in school.

Community Member

Community Member

I've recently have the pleasure of attending the EPIC workshop, lead by Mrs. Evelyn Bautista. In this program, I have listened to other parents/people's stories about both struggle and triumphs in life as well as with parenting. I believe that it was designed to help and or give a different perspective on every day life. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I am honestly say through the guidance and heartfelt sincerity of Mrs. Bautista, I have gained an immense respect for this and other programs help by Tendersteps NY. It has helped me to understand how to not only deal with issues, but how to move forward following their resolutions. It's nice to have someone to talk to you and share their personal experiences with you without fear of judgment. I've learned how to better exercise my patience in all aspects, including parenting. How to cope with a variety of stressors, different ways to engage and encourage myself and my child as well. The past 2 years of my life have been what seems like a constant battle. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. From unemployment, to near homelessness and even depression. However, that is now something that I am no longer ashamed of. We all have a story and this is a brief look into mine. Evelyn is an amazing woman. She is kind, caring, thoughtful, respectful, more than generous and most importantly genuine. I aspire to inspire again & now have a more positive outlook on things. I'm accepting the now without settling, all while still focusing on achieving my goals. Tendersteps NY is a great organization. No topic was left untouched. No matter how small, big or uncomfortable. There is a fond appreciation for this organization, its founder, its teachings, its methods and its willingness to help. Thank you.


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