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Let's Make A Change

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1. Overcoming Adversity

We focus on the challenges facing students and their families assists them immeasurably in overcoming the many difficulties they are facing.

2. Thoughtful Workshops

We thoughtfully develop workshops the children and their parents are able to access which builds the essential groundwork they need to succeed in school and life.

3. Providing Strategies for Success

Attending our workshops provides strategies on Bullying Management, Child Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Cyber Etiquette, Educational Advocacy,Family Intervention, Life Skills for Independent Living, Behavior Management, Self-Esteem Workshop and most important Trauma Support.

4. Taking Action

Building concrete actions to influence the lives of children and their families when they are facing crisis is both difficult as well as rewarding for us.  

5. Evidence of Our Work

The overwhelming evidence of the work we do, accomplishes in bringing these needed supports to the Rockland County community that we serve.

6. Establishing Protocols

Establishing protocols and concrete information as well as working with partners, i.e. schools, juvenile court system, group homes and shelters for young teen parents represents our quest to influence the lives of our most vulnerable children.

We support children and their families in Rockland County.  

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