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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Join us for our parent and youth conference in partnership with Rockland Community College. Our goal is to create a collaborative and supportive environment that empowers parents and youth to make positive changes and achieve their goals. Through inspiring speakers and informative workshops, we hope to provide valuable resources to the community.

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Celebrate with us at our annual visionary luncheon, where we celebrate Tender Steps of NY and our community members. We are excited to hold this event at the Crowne Plaza and invite you to come join us in the festivities. Let's continue to make a difference in our community together.

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Tender Steps Of New York, Inc.
Congratulates our President & Founder

Evelyn Bautista-Miller
2020-New York State Woman of Distinction!

Tender Steps of New York, Inc. advocates and educates in rebuilding family values in a supportive and collaborative manner. We offer workshops, advocacy services and case management to families at risk in Rockland County and New York City areas. 


Tender Steps of New York, Inc. goals are to make a difference within Rockland County and New York City areas by providing bilingual services (Spanish and Creole) to help bridge the communication within the community and enrich the quality of lives.

How We Achieve Our Goals

TSONY achieves its organizational goals the following ways:

1) Mentoring

2) Community Outreach

3) Supportive Education & Empowerment Development

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PASSION is our Driving Force

Evelyn Bautista-Miller, Tender Steps of New York, Inc.

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